What Causes Sewer Gas Smell in the House?

People often wonder what causes sewer gas smell in the house. Primarily, this happens when your sewer line accumulates gasses that make their way into your home. Aside from the terrible rotten egg smell, these gasses can be dangerous for your health.

RDH Plumbing, Sewer, & Drain Specialist is a top-quality emergency plumber in Rockaway, Queens, New York. Here, the team discusses what could cause sewer gas to build up and how you could protect your breathing space.

#1 Sewer Gasses Develop For Various Reasons

You don’t have a specific pipeline for sewer gas like you would with a furnace gas line. The waste in your sewer line creates its own noxious gasses. However, the sewer system’s vent pipe doesn’t always work optimally to release the pressure and prevent pipe erosion.

If these vents fail to release the pressure or the pipes develop a leak, odors will spread inside your home. Similarly, if you have a home appliance that uses gas, smells might indicate a gas leak. However, you’ll be finding the source of the smell closer to the appliance.

An appliance gas leak requires immediate evacuation. Generally, sewer gas leaks do not.

Is the smell particularly strong? Leave the property and call for assistance; it could be a sign of too much pressure in the pipes. The mixture of toxic and nontoxic gasses can also make people sick.

2# Often, a Dried-Out Water Trap Is What Causes Sewer Gas Smell in the House

Have you ever looked under your sink and wondered why the pipeline curves in a P or S-shape or has a bottle-like attachment? That kink in the otherwise straight pipeline is a water trap, which uses faucet water to prevent gas from coming back up the pipe. Typically, less severe sewer gas leaks have one of three causes, the first of which is this water trap drying out.

P traps use water from the faucet that flows down into the system. If they’re in the floor or tub, they use the water coming from these sources above them. Commonly, a trap that runs dry will be what causes sewer gas smell in the house because the open space easily allows gasses through it.

The trap can dry out if the air in your house is very dry or hot, there’s a leak, or you don’t use the fixture often. If so, you could start smelling sewage coming from your sink, tub, or floor.

#3 Stuck or Missing Drain Cleanout Plugs Let More Smells Through

Your sewer line has a drain outside that allows technicians to access a property’s main sewer line. It has a removable lid, called a cleanout plug, which is usually metal or plastic. However, if the drain cleanout plug gets stuck, it can lead to clogs in the system and unusually severe gas buildup.

You may also have sewage that spills into your yard, which can seep into your home. Households with individual septic systems often face trouble if there’s been faulty septic care.

#4 Don’t Forget To Look At Potential Wax Ring Problems

A wax ring helps connect the toilet flange to the toilet’s base. While it should always be water and airtight to prevent gas and water leaks, this seal can degrade. Unfortunately, any leaks will let sewer gas and water escape from the system and need urgent attention from professionals like RDH Plumbing, Sewer, & Drain Specialist.

Check the toilet’s wax ring by looking around the toilet base for water spills. Foul smells from the toilet may be common, but lingering smells several hours after use indicate wax ring problems.

When To Call A Professional For Bad Smells or Leak Issues

If you’re experiencing the problems mentioned above, you may want to call a team like RDH Plumbing, Sewer, & Drain Specialist for assistance as soon as possible. Don’t suffer through the smells; let them alert you to a potential problem that professionals can fix before you find yourself with an emergency plumbing situation on your hands.

Fixing a water trap issue is often as simple as running water down the drain. So, even gathering water in a bowl or pitcher and pouring it down the drain can restore the balance. However, repairing the wax ring, leaks, or sewage spills will require repairing or even moving the toilet with great care.

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