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How Old Are Your Pipes?

Age and corrosion are leading causes of many plumbing issues each year, affecting a wide range of properties from single-family homes to multi-story commercial, educational, hospitality, and industrial buildings. Corrosion can result in leaks, scale, and buildup, leading to cracking, channel rot, slow drainage, and blockages or stoppages. Our pipe lining technology is the perfect solution to combat these problems.

What is NuDrain Pipe Lining Technology?

RDH Plumbing, Sewer & Drain Specialist is proud to introduce the innovative NuDrain Pipe Lining Technology from NuFlow, offering an effective and cost-efficient solution to restore your old, broken, or corroded pipes to a "like new" condition, without the need for removal or replacement.

NuDrain Pipe Lining Technology is a revolutionary process that rehabilitates your existing pipes by creating a durable, epoxy "pipe within a pipe." It's a highly versatile technology, suitable for both residential and commercial pipe systems. From sewer and stormwater systems to roof drains, NuDrain can be installed in a wide range of pipelines, even in those with multiple bends, junctions, and varying diameters.

Our Four-Step Process:

  • 1 Inspection and Diagnosis: We perform a comprehensive inspection of your existing pipes to identify any issues, such as cracks, corrosion, or root infiltration.
  • 2 Cleaning: We utilize NuFlow’s proprietary tools to thoroughly clean and restore the pipe back to its original diameter.
  • 3 Lining: We introduce an epoxy-saturated liner, equipped with an internal bladder, into the pipe using existing access points.
  • 4 Cure and Evaluation: Once the epoxy cures, the bladder is removed, leaving behind a structurally superior "pipe within a pipe." We perform a final inspection to ensure the highest quality of work.


We equip ourselves with top-of-the-line equipment from Perma-Liner, renowned for its durable, ASTM F1216-compliant products with a minimum 50-year lifespan. Our arsenal includes a wide range of Perma-Liner solutions, from 2 to 102 inches in diameter, ensuring versatility for various applications and convenience in installation.


We also utilize the LightRay LRI system, featuring revolutionary cold LED light technology that achieves speeds of up to 6.3 feet per minute. With user-friendly design and non-thermal UV casting resin, LightRay guarantees reliable performance and exceptional results in any environment.

Our LR3 LED UV system offers unparalleled efficiency and cost-effectiveness in cast-in-place UV pipe repair, with complete operator control over the curing process and casting times under 10 minutes. This versatile solution serves as both a pull-in-place and spot repair system, ideal for small-diameter pipe repairs without excavation.

Pipe Solutions From Pow-R Mole

For comprehensive pipe solutions, we trust Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions, providing reliable lateral pipe and pipe bursting materials for efficient and cost-effective replacement without compromising quality. With our commitment to excellence and cutting-edge technology, we ensure seamless solutions for all your sewer and drain needs.

Rockaway, NJ: A Town with History and Modern Innovations

We're proud to serve Rockaway, New Jersey—a town nestled within the scenic hills and valleys of Morris County. Known for its rich history, Rockaway was officially incorporated in 1894, but its roots trace back to the colonial era. The town grew with the expansion of the iron and railroad industries in the 19th century, and has remained a vibrant community that welcomes progress while cherishing its history.

Today, one can take a leisurely stroll through the town and soak in the historic charm of the Rockaway Presbyterian Church, founded in 1758, or enjoy the beauty of Fox's Pond and the peaceful Park Lake. Visit the Rockaway Townsquare for a shopping spree or the occasional community events and festivals that draw in both residents and tourists. And don't forget the popular Wildcat Ridge, where hikers can trek through scenic trails, watching for hawks and exploring Hibernia mines. For more details, visit Rockaway's official website.


In line with the spirit of progress that's deeply entrenched in the Rockaway community, RDH Plumbing, Drain Cleaning, Heating & AC proudly introduces the revolutionary NuDrain Pipe Lining Technology from NuFlow. This innovative technology offers a cost-efficient solution to restoring old, broken, or corroded pipes to a "like new" condition, without the need for removal or replacement.

Age and corrosion, often due to the historic infrastructure, are leading causes of many plumbing issues in Rockaway each year. It affects a wide range of properties, from historic single-family homes to commercial, educational, hospitality, and industrial buildings. Our pipe lining technology is the perfect solution to combat these problems, preserving the structural integrity of our cherished buildings while providing state-of-the-art plumbing solutions.

Why Choose NuDrain Pipe Lining Technology in Rockaway, NJ?

The residents of Rockaway, NJ, understand the value of preserving our historic town while embracing innovation. The NuDrain technology is in line with this spirit, offering a method to restore pipes without causing major disruptions or damaging the landscape.

Pipe Lining vs. Replacement

Conventional Pipe Replacement Pipe Rehabilitation
AccessInvolves demolition to enable access to pipesUses existing access points, trenchless, no-dig solution
DisruptionHighly disruptive to tenants/ownersLess disruptive and faster than traditional pipe replacement
ReconstructionRequires repair/reconstruction to return property to original conditionAvoids structural destruction of buildings, hardscapes, landscapes and associated reconstruction costs
LongevityNot long-term, problems will return over timeLong-term solution prevents future problems
FeasibilityNot feasible for inaccessible pipesSuited to the most challenging pipe situations

Certification with NuFlow

RDH Plumbing, Sewer & Drain Specialist are certified NuFlow contractors. This certification requires rigorous training to ensure our techniques, processes, and equipment are second to none. It includes a thorough initial contractor training, online continuing education series, unique industry-specific educational intensives, and the ongoing support and quality assurance practices of the NuFlow team. Periodic recertification is a requirement for all NuFlow Certified Contractors, ensuring we maintain the highest standards of service.


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Common warning signs of failing drain lines include cracks in visible pipes, leaks, water stains, mold, unpleasant odors, slow drains, and backups.

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