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Water Filtration Systems

To ensure your home or business has clean water at its disposal, call RDH Plumbing at 908-578-9719!

No matter where you go, you need access to fresh water. Drinking from the tap can lead to health issues and pollutant ingestion, but a filter can offer relief and security. Many locations benefit from water filtration systems in Rockaway, NJ, and surrounding areas, giving families and visitors safe places to drink.

You can do the same for your property by calling one of the top companies for Rockaway’s water softener installations. RDH Plumbing services and products have an NSF certification with top-quality results unique to our company. Call us whenever you question your water for a free consultation and emergency services anytime!


Water Filtration Types

New Jersey residents have several choices regarding the types of filters they can use. Each type of filter offers benefits and potential setbacks. Discuss your options with our RDH technicians so you can choose the best house water filter system to suit your needs.

A few water filter types you can discuss with us include the following:

We install these and many more types of water filtration systems in Rockaway, NJ. Feel free to ask us for our entire filter list!

Filter Health Tips for You

Business and home water filters need occasional care to maintain optimal water health and cleanliness. Each type of filter needs a different kind of maintenance. For example, consider the activated charcoal filters (also known as carbon filters) and reverse osmosis systems.

You would need to replace the activated charcoal in the carbon filters regularly, at least once a month. While you can try to clean the filter, that will only remove visible dust and dirt. The impurities adsorbed into the charcoal will not release, and charcoal can only hold so much waste over time.

Meanwhile, reverse osmosis systems use heavy pressure and a semipermeable membrane. You might be able to replace the membrane, but the mechanism that creates the pressure may need heavy technical maintenance. If you have trouble knowing how to put in the membrane, you are better off having the system go through full service.

Everyone at RDH believes it’s better to receive professional help than to risk your health. Our team knows how to install, replace, and maintain many systems. Even if you aren’t sure how to complete the upkeep requirements for your filters, you can leave that to us.


Our Water Filtration Solutions

When you call our RDH Plumbing team, you can ask for any of these services so your home or business can drink and use water safely! Call us and ask about our free consultations and emergency services, so you never have to be afraid to drink. Our services include:

  • Water testing
  • Point-of-use filtration
  • Whole-house filtration
  • Drinking water systems
  • Whole-house water softening
  • Well pump installation and repairs
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RDH plumbers provide top-quality water filtration systems in Rockaway, NJ, and surrounding areas. We dedicate ourselves to your health, wellness, and clean water access, so you can always expect the best from our team. Our experience and attention to detail also allow us to help with storm drain repairs or your water heater installation.

You can contact RDH Plumbing any time, any day, and we’ll be right there waiting to help. For unmatched customer service on all of your plumbing needs, call 908-578-9719 today!

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